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We are so saddened to announce that we are postponing our Spring 2020 Quilting with Confidence Tour Stops. There are valid health concerns for people with preexisting conditions and of certain ages, and of course, would never want anyone to get sick from attending an event, even if they were not in one of those groups. We are very disappointed as we were looking forward to seeing all of you!

This only affects the Tour stops scheduled for April and May. At this point in time the Cruise (June 5-12), all Retreats (June-September) and the fall tour stops are not affected. We will continue to monitor the situation with regards to these later events, and update you should any further changes become necessary.

For those who are already pre-registered for our spring tour stops, we are currently working with our event venues to schedule new dates for tour stops in the Summer/Fall 2020. Those who have pre-registered for the spring events will have the option to apply their deposit to one of the following options:

1. Your location/event at its rescheduled date.
2. A different 2020 tour or retreat event.
3. A 2021 tour or retreat event.

We will send further details to those already registered along with instructions on how to select one of these options via email and we will post on our social media channels as soon as more information is available. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these unusual circumstances.

We know that you want to be confident quilters and many of you were looking forward to attending these events to increase your skills and confidence levels. We are sad that current events are preventing us from bringing these opportunities to you in person.

At the moment we at Gammill are all furiously readjusting to continue to bring you education, but in a way that you can do from home. These were things we had in the works, but not finished yet. We are now bringing them to the top of our list so we can provide you with tools for you to increase your quilting skills from home, as many of us may be spending significant amounts of time there over the coming months.

While we will not be able to gather in person this spring, this does not change your awesome abilities to learn and grow as quilters. Keep up the good work. Sign up for one of our home learning options when we announce them in the coming weeks. Keep practicing your skills. Keep blessing the people around you with the beautiful quilts you make. And we will see you at the rescheduled events later in the year!

Pray for those affected by the illness and for rationality for everyone else as we face these challenges. And, more than anything, keep living your quilting dreams!

Michelle Weaver