Juki Sewing & Quilting Machines for Sale in Rustburg, VA - Threads Run Thru It
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Juki Sewing Machines

juki sewing machines

Juki has been making user friendly machines since its founding in 1938. When you buy a Juki machine, you can be confident that it will meet all your heavy sewing needs as well as give you more capabilities so that you can expand your creativity.

Juki makes machines that are not only suitable for quilting, they make consumer machines that are capable of sewing heavy fabric such as denim or drapery. The TL2200 QVP allows you to do machine work embroidery with ease. With this model, it is possible to customize your own garments simply and affordably. If all you need is a machine that will do a reliable straight stitch, then the DDL-8700, which comes with its own table, may be just right for you.

Juki machines make your most challenging projects a breeze. Their sewing machines and quilting machines are some of the most heavy-duty consumer lines of sewing products available featuring many different machines for many different functions. These machines can sew through pretty much any material. If you know what you want to create, we have the knowledge base to find the exact machine you need to make it happen!