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A&B SPDT Round Rocker Switch- Vision 2


Black Switch Cap


Brass Switch Cap- for use with three prong switch


C&D SPDT Round Rocker Switch- Vision 2


Encoder, Optical Version 1024


Encoder- (Plus Machine)


Fuse- 6amp for Gammill


Grey Switch Cap- for use with 3 prong switch


Illuminated Rocker Switch (Green)


Illuminated Rocker Switch (Red)


Laser Light- Statler, Plus, Minus


Laser Light- Vision


Light Switch- Light Bar Switch


Momentary Switch


Motor Brush- Statler


Motor Brush- Vision-1/5 HP


Motor Brush-1/10HP (Minus Machine prior to 2004)


Motor Brush-1/2 HP (very old Minus Machines w/ square motor)


Motor Brush-1/4HP (old Premier Minus Machine)


On/Off Handle Switch (Three Prong)


Power Cord, Plus & Minus


Rocker Switch Green Mod G 15A


Rocker Switch Red Mod G 15A


RS Switch Black


RS Switch-Red


Swivel Clamp (For Laser)


Tablet Mount Bracket, Galaxy Tab A


Z Motor for 18-8, 2 wire