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We Whisk You a Merry Christmas


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Denim Tote 17x15


Navy Dots & Stripes Tea Towel KDKB213


Winter Collection - Kimberbell Designs


5.5 x 9.5 Inch Pillow Form - Kimberbell Designs


?BENCH BUDDIES" SERIES (May, June, July, and August) Sewing Version - Kimberbell...


America Land that I Love Bench Pillow (July) - Machine Embroidery CD KD523


Applique Glitter Pink KDKB148


Applique Glitter Polka Dot Sheets white KDKB153


Applique Glitter Sheet - Blue KDKB137


Applique Glitter Sheet - Lavender


Applique Glitter Sheet - Light Gold


Applique Glitter Sheet - Light Green KDKB138


Applique Glitter Sheet - Red KDKB135


Applique Glitter Sheet - Silver KDKB134


Applique Glitter Sheet - Sky Blue KDKB141


Applique Glitter Sheet - White KDKB142


Applique Glitter Sheet Black KDKB136


Applique Glitter Sheet Copper KDKB139


Applique Glitter Sheets - Brown KDKB147


Applique Glitter Sheets - Green Polka Dot KDKB152


Applique Glitter Sheets - Red Polka Dot - KDKB151


Applique Glitter Sheets Black Polka Dot 19-1/2in x 7-1/2in


Applique Glitter Sheets Silver Pink Polka Dot KDKB154


Aqua Dots & Stripes Tea Towel KDKB215


Bamboo Hoops 3.5" Kimberbell KDKB149


Be My Valentine Bench Pillow Embroidery CD


Bench Buddies Sept, Oct, Nov & Dec Sewing Pattern


Bench Buddies8221; Series (January, February, March, April) Sewing Book...


Bench Buddy Series May - August Machine Embroidery CD KD575


Bench Buddy Series January - April Machine Embroidery CD


Bench Buddy Series September - December Machine Embroidery CD


Black and Gray Ribbon Set KDKB100


Blue and Purple Ribbon Set KDKB103


Broomhilda's Bakery Embellishment Kit KDKB133


Broomhilda's Bakery Embroidery CD and Book KD804


Buffalo Check Tote - Kimberbell Designs


Buttons We Whisk You a Merry Christmas KDKB167


Candle Mats: Vol 1 KD536


CD America Land that I Love Bench Pillow (July) - Machine Embroidery CD


CD Lil' Sprout: Baby Appliques and Burp Cloths


CD: Kimberbell Holiday and Seasonal Mug Rugs, Volume 2


Cozy Winter Collection Buttons KDKB168


Crossbody Bag Trio, Vol 2 KD558


Cute As A Button Pink Lime Green Aqua and Black KDKB171


Cute As A Button White Yellow Orange and Red KDKB170


Deck The Halls Bench Pillow KD529


Deck the Halls! Christmas Bench Pillow for Sewing


Embroidery Leather (Rose Gold) KDKB182


Embroidery Leather (Seafoam Green) KDKB183


Embroidery Leather (Silver) KDKB181


Fall Pull Flowers KDKB172


Game On! Football Bench Pillow - Machine Embroidery


Gather Together - Bench Pillow for Sewing


Gather Together Bench Pillow Embroidery CD


Ginger's Kitchen Bench Pillow Sewing Version


Gingers Kitchen Christmas Bench EMB KD586


Green Ribbon Green Set KDKB104


Grey Crocheted Edge Trim KDKB180


Grey Dots & Stripes Tea Towel KDKB214


Halloween Boo! Bench Pillow KID527


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