UHU Stic Glue Stick 9U 99649 02 - 648234996494
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UHU Stic Glue Stick 9U 99649 02


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Quickly adhere paper, cardboard, or photos with this UHU 99649 0.74 oz. permanent glue stick! This glue stick needs one stroke to apply then dries clear to minimize the unsightly appearance of stray adhesive. Wherever it is applied, this glue stick is designed to produce a strong seal for a secure attachment. However, should a mess occur, it will conveniently wash right out of clothing and other textiles.

The glue stick is great for crafting at schools, day cares, or even scrapbooking at retirement communities. The non-toxic formula ensures safety around children, making this glue stick ideal for everyday applications. At the same time, the acid-free make-up protects valuable stamps and precious photos for years to come. Plus, the cap is specially designed to prevent the stick from drying out over time.

Net Weight:
0.74 oz.