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The Statler by Gammill®

Our long-lasting, dependable, quality machines allow you to spend more time quilting. The Statler by Gammill® utilizes cutting-edge computer software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch any design. The Statler® can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days. Available with a 22, 26, 30 or 36-inch Gammill-quality machine head, a Statler® gives you the flexibility of hands-free quilting. With exceptional features, the latest in quilting innovations, lifetime mechanical warranty, free software upgrades, and unparalleled customer service, it is easy to see why Statler by Gammill® is the choice of experienced quilters everywhere.


System Includes

Gammill® longarm quilting machine
Computer and monitor
Statler CreativeStudio® software
More than 1,000 digitized patterns, including 370 designer patterns
Sturdy all-steel table
LED light fixture with black light
Servo System, which drives the sewing head with speed, accuracy, and precision
Multifunctional keypad
Toll-free technical support
Lifetime mechanical warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship, three-year electrical parts warranty, and two-year in-shop labor warranty


Endless Possibilities

Design your own patterns with the same tools professional designers use.
Create layouts and view them on screen before you stitch.
Customize designs by stretching, rotating, moving, dividing, flipping, copying, and re-shaping patterns.
Customize a pattern for a whole quilt or each block.
Automatically fit patterns to any shaped block or boundary. Or, customize patterns to fit any shape block, making irregular piecing look good!
Use drawing capabilities to express your creativity.
Run your machine freehand and record patterns for future use.
Add depth by sewing rings around or inside your patterns with Echo Pattern.
Place designs in a circular pattern with Circular Array.
Quilt around the appliqué, not over it, with the trim feature for blocks and pantographs.
Let the computer design an edge-to-edge quilt by calculating rows and spacing.
Use automated features to easily “stitch-in-the ditch.”
Set border pieces and corners to sew continuously.
Fill sews without tie offs around or inside your appliqué.
Load any image into the software.
Flow patterns along any shape by using Apply Pattern.
Use nodes to make each pattern completely elastic.



All new Gammill® machines come with a lifetime mechanical warranty against defective materials and/or workmanship, three-year computer warranty, three-year electrical parts warranty, and two-year in-shop labor warranty.


Statler Features

Durable cast aluminum and steel machine head
All-steel, industrial grade table with Gammill Breeze® Track System
Power assist to easily move the machine head
Stitch-Regulation in automated and hand-guided modes
Auto-restart for thread breaks or bobbin run outs
Interactive measuring function
Long-lasting steel bearings
360 degree channel locks
Advanced thread break sensor
Large M size bobbin
Front or rear laser with electronically adjustable intensity
Built-in diagnostic system
On-board bobbin winder



Click here to download the Statler by Gammill brochure.


Pricing Options

Pricing does not include freight, delivery, installation/set-up and training

STATLER 22-10 with 12’ Pivotal Access Table
22″ throat space, 16.5″ quilting area

STATLER 26-10 with 12’ Pivotal Access Table
26″ throat space, 20″ quilting area

STATLER 30-12 with 12’ Pivotal Access Table
30″ throat space, 23.4″ quilting area

STATLER 36 with 14’ Pivotal Access Table
36″ throat space, 32″ quilting area


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Statler Options

Your Gammill by Statler comes with all necessary equipment including a Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine, Dell computer and monitor, Statler CreativeStudio software, digitized patterns, all-steel stand and hardware.

Additional Options (MSRP Pricing)

Alternate Table Size – $399
8, 10, 11, 14 foot tables

Overhead Light Bar – $899


Limited Edition Color for Machine Head – $999 (please see your dealer for accurate color chart representation)

Hydraulic Height Adjustment –  $1,799 Includes Casters


Swivel Casters – $139

Leaders with Zippered Edges – $299


All-in-One Computer Upgrade – $2,989 Includes heavy duty mount
with keyboard tray

Cutting Mat – $149




Extended Throat Plate (Size 22, 26, 30) – $119

Micro-Drive Handles for micro stippling – $149


Alignment Mat – $229

Deluxe Drafting Chair – $229


 Stand-Alone Bobbin Winder – $99

Horizontal Spool Holder – $49


Gam Guide Jr. – $29


Maintenance Kit – $99

Includes: bobbin case, needle set screw, encoder “O” ring, tension check assembly, 2 anti-backlash springs, cone spring, bobbin winder “O” ring stand alone, 2 thread guides, 3-hole thread guide

Start-Up Supply Kit – $499

Includes: Roll 96″x30 yards Hobbs 80/20 cotton/poly batting, 4 cones Signature cotton thread, 2 cones of American and Efird permacore thread, 5 cones Fil-Tec Glide Advanced trilobal thread, 2 cones A&E Signature variegated thread, 10 extra bobbins, 100 extra needles, Maintenance Kit, stand-along bobbin winder, 1-quart oil, pin cushion